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* Update config for testing tryAnotherMirrorUlrike Uhlig2016-10-311-0/+1
* We need to disable DNS cache for testing mirrors which are unreachableUlrike Uhlig2016-10-271-0/+3
* Instructions for manually testing a downloadUlrike Uhlig2016-09-151-2/+7
* Instructions for testing resume()Ulrike Uhlig2016-09-101-0/+4
* Update pref instructionsUlrike Uhlig2016-07-081-6/+3
* Manual installation instructions in FF 45+Ulrike Uhlig2016-07-071-0/+5
* Add info that we need to copy the mirror dispatcher script to lib. using a pe...Ulrike Uhlig2016-05-131-3/+8
* Add a HACKING file with some helpful info I will quickly forget.intrigeri2016-04-071-0/+25