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This is not a security problem in Tails since we drop non-Tor
traffic by default, but for this very reason in breaks the
functionality of the autoconfig wizard in the context of Tails.
- We started to write a proof-of-concept patch to fix this bug.
+ We started to write a proof-of-concept patch to fix this bug which
+ will be submitted upstream in February.
+ In order to improve Icedove's security in Tails and avoid unforeseen exploits,
+ we started evaluating an AppArmor profile for Icedove ([[!tails_ticket 10750]]).
+ We've asked the author to submit it upstream where it's now waiting to be merged.
+ In the meantime, we will ship this profile in Tails on our own.
## A.1.6. Release Icedove in Tails