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Adapt setup documentation for a build system based on Wheezy.
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@@ -169,21 +169,29 @@ Building manually
In order to build Tails manually, you need a running [Debian
-Squeeze]( system
+Wheezy]( system
and some [backports]( Anything else
-(e.g. Wheezy) will fail.
+will fail.
The following Debian packages need to be installed:
-* `live-build`
-* `syslinux` >= 4.01, so that the built ISO images are
- converted to hybrid ones: they can be either a CD-ROM or a hard disk
- (USB disk, etc.).
-* `eatmydata` (from `squeeze-backports`), `time` and `whois` (for
- /usr/bin/mkpasswd) packages.
+* our `live-build` 2.x package, adapted for Wheezy. Its version is
+ something like *3.0.5+really+is+2.0.12-0.tails1*. One can install it
+ from:
+ deb builder-wheezy main
+ This APT repository's signing key can be found on the keyservers.
+ It is certified by the [[!tails_website tails-signing.key
+ desc="Tails signing key"]], and its fingerprint is:
+ 221F 9A3C 6FA3 E09E 182E 060B C798 8EA7 A358 D82E
+* `syslinux`
+* `eatmydata`, `time` and `whois` (for `/usr/bin/mkpasswd`)
* `ikiwiki` 3.20120725 or newer.
* `apt-get install libyaml-perl libyaml-libyaml-perl po4a perlmagick
libyaml-syck-perl` so that the wiki builds smoothly.